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GuysAdventures was founded by popular, respected Australian travel industry figure and total travel tragic, Jason Smith.

For more than 20 years, Jason worked his travel tail off, mostly with airlines, but also building relationships right through the travel ecosystem as a whip-smart and respected travel broker.

Given his background, he’s bit of a plane spotter.

“I mean, what's not to love about a gleaming, flying machine piercing the sky and speeding somewhere exotic, especially when you're up the pointy-end with a glass of something nice and a flirty cabin manager?”, says Jason.

So, why did Jason give up a cushy airline job with its glamorous international travel opportunities and pointy-end perks?

“Simple. I love discovering and revealing new places and emerging hot spots, finding new ways to travel and explore the world, and sharing them with people,” says Jason.

With that insight and passion, and his enviable professional network, the leap to gay travel entrepreneur was a relatively easy one for Jason. GuysAdventures was born from the simple idea that gay travel should be championed and, frankly, done better.

GuysAdventures’ mission is to create super-fun domestic and international holiday experiences for gay men.

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